Pump Follow

With Pump Taking you will be alerted at the top of the last 6 hours


Dump Follow

With Dump Following you will be alerted to the lowest level of the last 6 hours


Progressive Pump Follow

Stepped Pump Follow You will be alerted in the last 30 minutes when you have landed and started to roll out


What is Coinfono?
  • All information is stored in the system database with 1 minute controls and processed instantaneously in the monitoring systems
  • During the last 2 hours, coins showing instantaneous increase and decrease are indicated by audible and visual warning
  • Amounts of increase or decrease are shown in bold colors as they go from low to high.
  • At the moment of warning, click on the name coin to reach the details of the coin in BitTrex.
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How to use ?

Contributing to the Development of the System by Donating
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